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Justine Dupont

Justine Dupont is a French professional surfer.

12 times World Champion of the XXL Awards, 2 times World Champion of Tow Surfing, she has established herself since 2019 as the best big wave surfer in the world.

Her performance in towed surfing allows her to be one of the few athletes able to compete with the best male athletes in her discipline.

In 2023, she surfs a gigantic wave on the mythical spot of Cortes Bank 110 miles off the coast of California. Probably the biggest wave ridden by a woman.

Since 2022, Justine has been a main character in HBO’s series “100 Foot Wave“.

Alongside her career, Justine is also committed to protecting the environment.

She also offers conferences and corporate interventions to share her experience and discuss values ​​that are close to her heart.

100 foot wave

Justine and her boyfriend Fred are some of the main characters of the HBO series “100 foot wave“. The season 01 is online on HBOmax. The season 02 is streaming since april 16th 2023 on HBO.


Big Waves Surfer


Inspirational speaker

Justine intervenes frequently to share her experience.
Her life as a elite level athlete as well as her practice of an extreme sport such as surfing big waves leads her to be able to talk about different themes such as :

  • stress and emotional management
  • fear management
  • setting of objectives
  • failure management
  • teamwork
  • communication
  • the place of women in an essentially masculine environment

Natural and accessible, Justine is comfortable expressing herself with simplicity on these topics that affect us all. She takes pleasure in answering all the questions put to her at the end of her speeches.

They have already work with her :
Eurosima, groupes immobiliers, banques, écoles, universités, Think +, BMW, Mini, Smart Grid, Forums, salons, Taylor Wessing, Nazaré, Région Aquitaine …

Committed and eco-friendly athlete

Justine Dupont is a surfer engaged in various eco-responsible projects.

Aware that the demands of her practice and her profession have a carbon impact, Justine is thinking about solutions to achieve “carbon neutrality” at the end of her year.

Justine works in collaboration with her partners on environmental actions such as Adidas’ “End of Plastic Waste” campaign.




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