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Justine Dupont – Professional surfer

The female surfer of all records

Born in Lacanau, Justine now lives in Seignosse in France.

Vice World Champion in 3 differents disciplines of surfing, multiple National and European surfing and longboarding champion, Justine is above all passionate about the ocean and the nature.

This young 26 years old lady loves adventure and challenges.

Justine has also repeatedly surfed biggest wave surfed by a woman.


Her career is booming and the personality of this young woman arouses a lot of interest for the media.

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Few key points

  1. Vice World Longboard Champion at 15 years old

    3rd in 2009, 2010, 2013

  2. Qualified in WCT in 2012

    World elite female surfer

  3. Biggest wave surfed by a woman

    Belharra (France) around 15 meters

  4. Vice World Big Waves Surfing Champion

    At Jaws (Peahi, Hawaii) in 2016

  5. Biggest wave surfed by a woman

    In 2017 at Nazare (Portugal)

  6. ISA Surfing team World Champion / Vice World Stand Up Paddle Surfing Champion

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Europe’s most publicized surfer


Justine never ceases pushing her limits in the biggest waves of the world in Nazaré Portugal.

Her exploits are now relayed by the press and national and international TV.

Justine ended several times first of the Ride’O Meter ranking which (when it existed) referred surfers and extreme sports practitioners by their media release over the year.

She was also part of the top women of the year by Elle magazine.

She now has more then 120 000 followers on her Instagram.

Last medias

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A Waterwoman


Justine is considered the most versatile surfer in the world.

She’s a Waterwoman.

Justine is Vice World Champion in 3 differents disciplines of surfing : Big Waves Surfing, Stand Up Paddling and Longboarding

She has been on several occasions ranked in the World top 3 in Longboard, she has also been part of the world surfing elite, the WCT.

She is considered one of the best surfers of big waves in the world, she is also one of the best in Stand Up Paddle.

Justine’s training includes freediving, swimming, bodysurfing, physical training, paddle board and, of course, surfing.

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An extreme surfer

Justine enjoys surfing big waves.

She has surfed spots like Belharra (Basque Country), Aileens and Mullaghmore (Ireland), Mavericks (California), Jaws (Hawaii) and more recently Nazare (Portugal).

She has already been nominated many times to the XXL Awards which reward the surfers who surfed the biggest waves during the winter.

Justine has also repeatedly surfed what are called the biggest waves surfed by a woman.

In 2013 she became the woman to have surfed the biggest wave in the world by taming a monster of more than 15 meters on the famous spot of Belharra (France).

In 2016, she became Vice World Big Wave Surfing Champion in Jaws (Hawaii).

In 2017, this time in Nazare (Portugal), Justine surfs again one of the biggest wave surfed by a woman.

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Projects and challenges to come

Several short projects

Justine is frequently asked to participate in various documentary projects, reports and films.

Her unique profile and outstanding performances are highly appreciated by to the public.

Olympic Games

With the appearance of Surfing at the 2020 Olympic Games, Justine will have at heart to be part of the party for this world premiere.

Conferences and Seminars

Justine is involved in more and more conferences and seminars.

The topics covered are varied.

The simplicity, the energy released and the messages shared by Justine make her interventions a great success.

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My big waves partner

Fred David

Ocean addict, lifeguard for many years, Fred is also the 2012 World Bodysurfing Champion.

He now shares his life with Justine and takes care of towing and safety during her big wave sessions.

He has surfed in 2017, one of the biggest barrel ever surfed on the spot of Nazare.

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